Small Aluminium LED Torch with Zoom, Side Light & Strobe

I really like these torches.  I like the simplicity for starters.  Just the one battery and off you go.  A lot less of everything to go wrong.  AA batteries are cheap enough to acquire, and they last a long time anyway.  I also like the small, the compact size of these torches.  Keep one on you most times as they don't take up much room.  The amount of light they emit is considerable.  The zoom really sets the torch off as you can focus all the light onto one small are or zoom out to light up a complete room.  The side light is extremely powerful and can be used to illuminate the inside of tents and so on - or to provide light to read by.  Everyone who has bought one of these seems happy with their purchase and some have returned to purchase another - or more.  Hopefully the lastability of these torches will be considerable.  They certainly feel like they will last being made from aluminium.  A fine torch for the money - and very little money at that.

These have proved to be highly popular to such an extent certain people have raved about them.  The drawback to selling them online is the small parcel postage charge but locally they change hands for just £4.99, which is a very cheap price for what is a very good torch.