Mini Flashlight ZOOM Led Torch Penlight Night Camping Car WITH FREE AAA Battery

Another very well-made mini flashlight, or penlight then as it is so small.  Certainly packed a few features into this little torch (it is a torch as well!).  It has 3 modes which are: low, high and strobe, backed up by a zoom ability that works as many others do by the front sliding back and forth.  Again, these torches really surprise me with the amount of light they dish out.  You can easily light up your path so it can cover a wide range of uses.  Quality is high.  This is branded product so the quality is no-doubt kept high because of this.  The last thing a brand wants to do is get a bad name in this regard, especially with all the competition out there in China land.  My only reservation is the size of the thing with the switch being so small and slightly recessed.  I have no trouble switching it on and off but someone with bigger fingers would struggle, but then again, would such a person want this type of torch in the first place?  It is a bit doubtful.  For smaller hands they are not so difficult to turn on and off.  I like it.  It is the only small torch I have now - an AAA battery driven mini penlight - that has Zoom.  It stands out for this very reason alone. 
Screenshot 2020-11-16 123650.jpg
It is to be sold by Royal Mail 1st Class Large Letter - as are all my mini penlights come torches.  I have learned that customers are not that keen to wait for very long.  1st Class generally gets the goods to the door in just a few days.  It should do as it isn't cheap. 

You can put this torch to good use in a number of ways.  As it is so small it fits in a handbag, a pocket, anywhere really without taking up much room.  There is a metal clip that can be used to keep it in place, such as a shirt pocket say.  You could always attach some cord to the metal clip if you want a bit more versatility.  Being waterproof is an asset too.  Just the 1 AAA battery can power this little torch for quite a while.  I should think you will get a good few hours our of it, though how much is lacking on the company website.  I shall have to delve deeper.  As I say, you are not confined to using this torch for inspection in small and confined areas as there is enough power to use it as a regular torch, which is quite something when you are only using such a small battery. 

A very versatile and useful mini torch - mini penlight.

Basic product parameters:


Model: S-116
Material: aluminium alloy
Switch: button
Design: Waterproof
Maximum lumen output: 300-500
Power supply: 1*AAA battery (included)


3 Modes & Zoom


Low Beam
High Beam