Mini Flashlight Pocket Penlight Tactical Torch Stainless Steel FREE Battery

A stainless steel mini torch come penlight.  Certainly feels well-made.  I do have some reservations about cross-threading though when screwing on the cap.  A little grease would help with this matter I think.  I shall see what is the best sort to get.  A tiny dab should help matters.  Apart from this the torch works really well.  I really like the fact that the button is pronounced this time and not recessed.  This makes it much easier to switch on and off.  The light is very strong - 5W.  Remarkable power from such a small torch.  In the blurb they reckon it can shine for up to 100 metres.  I can well believe it.  With such power must mean the battery runs down quite quickly, but the way I use a torch that means it will last for quite a long time regardless.  Such small lights are more like emergency lights rather than the type of torch you use on a continuous basis.  A worthy new member of our torch club.  It isn't perfect but it is pretty good.


  • Mini Pocket Pen Size 5W LED Torch Lamp

  • This is pen size torch, stainless steel body.

  • Small size just like a pen, which makes it very easy to carry

  • For outdoor use.

  • Super bright and 100 meter long distance shoots.

  • Size :904(10.3*1.3*1.3 cm),901(9.8*1.4*1.4 cm)

  • Battery :1*AAA(included)